SPHERE FESTIVAL invites application for Team members & Interns to work as a team in the 1st edition of world's first multidisciplinary Festival from January 04 - 13, 2019 in Kolkata, India. This exciting festival will feature several curated projects across several venues in the city covering the motion pictures, Sound, and music,  literature, visual and performing arts as well as the fashion, food, culinary arts, handicrafts, and travel.

Let us work together for a stimulating and lifetime experience of the arts! The team members shall get an opportunity to gain an experience of working as Interns, Discipline Directors, Program Directors, Venue managers, Account ManagersProgram Executives, Technical Analyst, Personnel management officer, Volunteer Coordinator, Venue Volunteer Head, also providing guided tours, travel, and logistics, artist and audience management, marketing interns, press coordinator, Art guides, Helpdesk executives, health care, Social Media management, backstage experience, production, F&B.

The selection of department shall be made at the Festival's discretion based on the application.

* We mostly looking for young enthusiastic people as our teammates instead of renowned names. So, young influencers are mostly encouraged to apply. 

The perks of being a Sphere Team member:
- Learn about varied events and projects across the arts
- Interact with the International Artists, curators, collaborators
- Build your communication skills and interpersonal skills
- Build your knowledge of how to handle and talk about art, backstage and production work
- Learn to work with a team
- Be a part of the World's first research based multidisciplinary festival
- Explore the city of Joy in a new way

Criteria and Eligibility- Applicant should be 18 + years
- CV must be shared (At the time of Application)
- Knowledge of the arts scene is preferable but not mandatory
- Enthusiastic, Hardworking and Dedicated applicants are welcome
- Knowing multiple languages is an added bonus.
- Register by filling this Form
- Sphere Festival shall contact you once we receive your application
- The final selected members shall be informed

Last day for Registration:

30th September 2018

Online Work process starts: (Outstation team members)
Immediately after receiving official offer letter

(Selected Applicants from Kolkata are requested to attend meetings physically as well as online programming)     
Training and Orientation in Kolkata (On Location)
01 December 2018 - 03 January 2019 (Vacation: 24th - 25th December, 31st December - 1st January)

Sphere Festival 2018.
04 January 2019 - 13 January 2019

Added incentives:
Besides having a great experience of being surrounded by amazing arts, the team members shall be fed and offered a stipend at the end! 

Mostly we prefer applicants looking for internship opportunities. Because after the successful completion of the festival we will provide a Certificate of Internship (For the whole period of service including online and onsite) along with a Recommendation letter to all the dedicated candidates.

Unfortunately, we shall not be able to provide travel or accommodation.For any queries, you can reach out to us at


{Please don't Forget}
Subject of email: JOIN US

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If You are applying as an Additional Curator then kindly indicate your desired discipline in the 'Anything else you want to mention' section.

{{answer_cC3Nz4ipTaFP}} , we are excited to know the reason behind your choice of this particular position, And it also makes us curious that why you want to work for the festival.

(This is the place where you can make your real impression. We want to know the real person behind you. Be transparent. Because, we always carry x-ray goggles.)
{{answer_cC3Nz4ipTaFP}} , kindly send us the link of your resume here.

(Additionally, You can attach your portfolio with a separate link)*
{{answer_cC3Nz4ipTaFP}}, Your guardian or other emergency contact number? *

Anything else you want to mention.

I hereby with all my consent is confirming that I will take all the given responsibility and try to work with all of my effort to bring success and recognition to the festival. 

I will not do any kind of activity or I won't misuse of my power which may hurt the goodwill of the foundation. Furthermore, I will be responsible for all the provincial physical and abstract damages due to my unconsciousness and lack of attention.
We will try our best to provide your selected designation, but the final allotment will be decided by the authority after a neutral judgment on the basis of application and dedication.  

I understand that this is totally a  voluntarily flexible position instead of a paid full-time position. But the authority will provide all the required hospitalities along with a small stipend.

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